Q-Project Ltd. is a consulting firm with headquarters in Zagreb (Radnička 80, Zagrebtower), specializing in the preparation and implementation of projects financed from EU funds for local and regional government, and for all legal entities (private, public, social sector), but also for all complementary activities (eg, feasibility and marketing studies, preparation of business plans, etc.).


As part of the Portuguese international companies Qualitividade Consulting Group, which has more than 20 years of experience in the subject area, the Q-project aims to provide successful business of its customers and partners.



Services that we provide to our clients are following:



Preparation of project proposals with the aim of applying to national and EU tenders


IPreparation of the (pre) feasibility studies


Business plans


Marketing studies


Contribute to the implementation of the system and quality standards

Croatia in the period up to 2020, through the different European funds, will have available 10.6 billion euros.

The range of financing options is extremely large, and among other things, includes funding:


fundos para-01

Purchase of machinery and equipment

fundos para-02
Construction of production facilities

fundos para-03

Construction of hotels

fundos para-04
Research, technological development and innovations

fundos para-050
Investing in an Information and communication technology

fundos para-06

Strengthening of the agricultural sector through the Rural Development Programme

fundos para-07

Conservation and environmental protection

fundos para-08

Promotion of sustainable and quality growth, development and employment

fundos para-09

Investment in education, training and vocational education

fundos para-10

Certification of products and services

If you have a project or investment plan, opportunitIES for the withdrawal of grants from European Union funds are available NOW.


Q-Project analyses your Project with no cost and no comitment, and gives you an viabilty feedback under the call that suits better your investment plan.